Support and consultancy
Administration systems

Specialists in servers from 1996


The perfect solution to externalizar the administration and maintenance of your servers
dedicated, vps or complex systems (clusters, virtualization, etc). Applicable as much to the system
operative as a customized tasks or protocols.

Hosting VPS. Certificate Security of Information ISO 27001

Expert professionals

Immediate answer

from 1996

Prices by intervention

Thought for you, whether you need a system adiniatrator with urgency, as if it is necessary helps sporadic to solve some problem you in your server or VPS, to update software, to carry out control tasks, audits of security, expert information, etc, 

The price depends on the number of working hours that you contract, of the urgency and the schedule in which you prefer that we execute the interventions.

  The entrusted tasks are executed by experts and experts with years of experience

If we do not solve your problem, we give back the money to you.

For servers and VPS lodged with CmarTone, in your CPD or with other suppliers.

Monthly plans

Prices by administered system. Minimum hiring 1 year (monthly payments)


25 ‚ā¨ /mes
To contract


49 ‚ā¨ /mes
To contract


99 ‚ā¨ /mes
To contract
SLA in labor schedule (**) 1 hour 30 minutes 15 minutes
SLA outside labor schedule (**) 12 hours 4 hours 2 hours
Maximum of hours technical/month
2 hours 4 hours 8 hours
Reactive monitoring
(ping, latencies, HTTP, smtp, imap, MySQL)



Update and
basic initial securización
Reactive administration
(activities at the request of the client)
Management of backups
(it does not include the necessary space)
Consultancy of administration
Periodic tasks
in accordance with agreement with the client
Consultancy of Security (*) --
Updates (*)
Migrations (*)
Support applications Web
(WordPress, Prestashop, etc)
(- -) Available, but with cost overrun
(*) With limitation of hours and window of work
(**) SLA Reaction: time from opening of a case, to beginning of study of the case,
except for greater force or cases than they are not objectively urgent or critics.
Labor schedule: Lu-See, nonfestive, of 08h00 to 23h00

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