Hacking, injects, Malware

Systems jeopardize

You have doubts?

System analyses jeopardize

You have doubts?
    Analysis and report of servers:
with potential problems of security
with backdoors
out of date
Cleaning and securización of websites with problems of:
Study and projection of contingency solutions

The system more surely, is a dull system. And even so it is not surely absolutely.

The cibercriminales evolve very quickly and take advantage of any opening to accede to systems of third parties and to take control of their control, habitually with criminal aims and of own profit.

We put all the means to our reach to avoid these situations, but not always it is sufficient. Systems with vulnerable, patched or protected applications (for example Wordpress, Joomla, Prestashop, etc) are not it jeopardize every minute at world-wide level.

We count on expert personnel in security, that will help not only to clean your system you it jeopardize, but also to protect it to diminish the possibility that it returns to you to happen.

You need this service?

First of all, we needed to make a valuation of your case.
It contacts with us
so that we can advise to you.
If he is urgent, you can contract to an intervention 24x7.