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Hardware dedicated for your private virtualization.

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Private CLOUD

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Private Cloud

Cloud prevailed does not share physical infrastructure with no other client. The private platforms consist of their own hyperviewfinders (servers) and storage resulted of exclusive use, in expandible case necessary towards the solutions of cloud hybrid to make use of our platform of distributed storage.

This solution is focused to companies with special requirements of security or with special needs of virtualization and their configuration and beginning it must be realised to size once taken to end the analysis of the specific needs of each case.

Within cloud prevailed cloud of CmarTone (firewalls, switches or storage) of combined form fits the possibility of using part of the infrastructure to increase the capacity of the solution without resigning to have its own surroundings, to smaller cost and more burglaryable.

The virtualization allows him to unfold virtual machines within his cloud regardless of hardware, thus resolving potential problems derived from physical failures when eliminating unique points of failure (the failure of a physical server does not cause loss of data when being the storage resulted within its own cloud).

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Given the enormous variability of each project, the implementation is very customized.
In addition, “cloud prevailed� not always is the best solution for all the cases.
It contacts with us so that we can advise to you.