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CLUSTERS of high availability

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High availability

Our solutions of high availability consist of mútiples systems servers organized and structured based on the objective to fulfill, or basing to us on clusters of services, with separation of subsystems, as much to diversify risks as to apply load examiners of accounts.

We propose a system easily to you frontend-backend burglaryable, that it will allow you to face up as much to the future growth, as to precise tips of greater activity or visits.

To increase resources continuously not always is the best solution. In fact a point arrives from which to scale processor or memory no longer is useful to obtain more yield neither to absorb the more service load. The solutions of load balance to size allow him to reach the possible major uptime to their applications or services without for that reason incurring a greater cost.

Which is the price?

Because each project is different, the implementation is realised of individualized form.
However, the price of this type of solutions is not major that the one of the servers or VPS.
If it interests to you, It contacts with us so that we can advise to you.