Disaster Recovery
Solution of Contingency

Continuity of business before disasters.

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All company with applications critics for its business still more needs a plan contingency before disasters and if its company depends on applications in the network or the cloud.

Our customized solutions of contingency before disasters allow him to protect their servers and to raise a completely functional copy of the same instances virtualized in case of fall of the systems that lodge the applications of their company, or are lodged in a datacenter of third parties or in its own offices.

This is possible via replication of the system origin in a remote location to obtain an exact clone with the possible most up-to-date information and than it can rise in a few minutes to continue working.

Our proposal is easy to adapt and uses all the advantages of the virtualization, but it requires of a previous study of the infrastructure of the client, to identify the applications critics and to adapt the strategy of disaster recovery to the real needs of the client.

Advantages of the service

Continuity of business before disasters

    Physical server to virtual solution
    Virtual server to virtual server
    Between datacenters

How he works

Previous study infrastructure

We study its infrastructure and systems that wish to protect, or are physical, virtual servers or PCs

Economic proposal

We sent a detailed budget to you of the cost of the solution, requirements and terms of unfolding.


We facilitated software to you to install in the systems protection object

Copies and replication

We realise backup copies of its infrastructure and we talked back them in our platform


In case of contingency, you can raise our retorts and work with them of remote form

It interests this solution to You?

Because each project is different, the implementation is realised of individualized form.
The cost of this type of solutions is not major that the one of several isolate servers or VPS.
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so that we can advise to you.