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About CmarTone

Advanced Data Warehouse
from 1996

CmarTone Europe SL (CmarTone) is a company of private capital, founded on 1996 by Adolfo Richard Doliwa, first under the brand WebStudio (, that changed more ahead by the CmarTone brand

Today we offer as much services of presence in Internet as externalisation of enterprise applications through infrastructures of high availability of maximum quality.

In CmarTone we worked a team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the sector of hosting, the virtualization, networks and systems, with a clear approach towards the satisfaction of our clients and a main target: to maximize the availability of its solutions of presence in Internet through a process of continued improvement and reinvestment, focused to the adaptation of the last technologies available to put them to the service of our clients.

With more than 1,600 servers, we give to service to professionals and corporative clients in the scopes national and international.

We lodge our infrastructure in TWO datacenters: InterXion (Madrid) and in the technological park of Zamudio (Biscay).

 Certification ISO 9001 
  Certification ISO 27001

Audited company and certified

CmarTone has surpassed successfully the audits for the certifications ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001, that certify our systems of management of the Quality and the Security of the information.

In addition to the periodic internal audits, annually we are put under two external audits, carried out by the auditors of Bureau Veritas, who review and certify all our processes and procedures, as much regarding the management of the Quality as of the Security.

Central offices
and NOC

Our headquarters and our center of monitoring and monitoring share a modern space of 450 meters squared, reformed in August of 2018 and equipped with adapted surveillance measures, from where we monitored and we controlled everything nuesra infrastructure and we offer technical support to our clients.

Center of Data (cpd)

We lodge our infrastructure (servers, electronics of network, subsystems…) in Madrid (Datacenter InterXION) and in center of data of Euskaltel in the Basque Country (Technological Park of Zamudio, in Bizkaia), as well as in an own room in our NOC.  We are proprietors of our infrastructure of end to end, which allows us to control all the aspects of the services that we offer to our clients.
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Concerning network electronics we worked with the brands Cisco and Extreme networks.

Redundancy and Security

Servers, controller of bandwidth, fire-guards, systems of prevention and detection of intrusions and a electronics of inflated and resulted network designed to serve without interruptions and to absorb discharges service loads. We work with redundancy n+y at all the levels Core, segment and rack.

Concerning Security we worked with own developments and with the solutions of security of He carries far Networks and TrendMicro IPS TippingPoint. These safety measures allow us to mount against attacks and vulnerabilities, including Two attacks and DDoS.

Technology e Innovation

We most of destine our benefits in reinvestment for renovation and improvement of equipment and systems. We bet by a strong policy of innovation, development and investment to satisfy the demand of our clients and the evolution of the technology applied to the service of the company and the people.

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