Virtualization and consolidation
Migration of servers

Saving of costs via consolidation of equipment and systems.

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Virtual Physical to

via Virtualization

We were in charge of all the process, from the previous study of its needs to the execution of the project, gives to ready to use and later maintenance and administration (optional).

Our virtualized infrastructure solutions try to our clients savings in costs of IT among 25% and 75% with respect to the cost of a traditional infrastructure, with the added advantages of high availability of own hardware and scalability of our Cloud solutions.

Virtual to virtual

Migration of
servers and VPS

We offer a service to you of migration of systems, as much from your present supplier of server (or VPS) towards us, as between servers who you have contracted with us.
A meticulous process and without interruption on watch, realised by our equipment.
For operations critics you can solicit that the interventions take to end in schedule at daybreak or in week ends (previous consultation of availability and cost).

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Whether it is a question of systems of enterprise management, of systems of calculation or solutions of hosting (lodging of webpages) with different operating systems, applications and requirements, we can prepare a consolidation project to you as it also includes the migration of its present infrastructure.

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