With intervention in case failure
Reactive monitoring

Check of up to 10 services

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In case of failure of the monitored item, we accede to its server and we raised the service.

You have doubts?

Reaction SLA

For VPS and Servers

Also if you are not client


   The service of monitoring reactivates does not include the administration nor the analysis of the monitored system.


    In certain cases it can be necessary to take to end an analysis of the problem that has brought about the fall of the service in particular, in which case will have to invoice this work, without not to have received previously his conformity on the matter on the part of the client. This one service can be including if it has contracted the administration of his server.


    If a service of cheap vps server hosting becomes unstable, by the causes that will be, causing that a system or service stops working several consecutive times or with a frequency that CmarTone considers excessive, it will let know the client so that it adopts the opportune measures (to extend resources, to analyze the system, etc.). If the client does not adopt the suggested measures, she is understood that she accepts that its service continues unstable and that CmarTone stops raising the service whenever it fails.

Reactive administration of systems that responds before alarms generated by falls of services in its server or his infrastructure.


    Web (port 80)
    MS SQL
    Other services (personalizable)

Every 5 minutes a robot analyzes if the services of their cheapest dedicated server respond correctly from 3 locations in 3 countries.

In case of failure generates alarm that is taken care of by our technicians, who accede to their system, verify the service that fails and they reinitiate it. If the service of cheap unlimited web hosting does not reinitiate, they will communicate it via email so that You accede to his system and analyzes the problem.

In case a certain service of cheap vps hosting linux cannot be put operative or in case of detecting more serious problems (for example if they detect that it has had a intrusion) it inquires to the client so that it adopts the opportune measures

Prices reactive monitoring


To contract


To contract


To contract
Reaction time 1 hour 1 hour 15 minutes
Scaled time of 1 hour 30 minutes As rapidly as possible
Resumption fallen services
Personal telephone attention   -
Monitorizables services ping, HTTP, HTML, MySQL
CPU You praise, disc use
ping, HTTP, MySQL
CPU You praise, disc use
ping, HTTP, MySQL
CPU You praise, disc use