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100% SSD

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Storage distributed in small subsystems of high performance equipped with discs SSD Intel DataCenter Series with a total capacity of upper storage to the 600 Terabyte. One is a platform of storage of high performance that to very surpass the neck of typical bottle of I/O of the systems of storage based on SATA or SAS with ratios of InPut /Output superiors. We use a redundancy level 3x in all the storage.

Network of
high availability

All the electronics of network is resulted: routers, wiring, switches, of Core closet as much in the corresponding thing to the public network (Internet), to the private network and the network of storage. Switches of storage and the electronics of network of Core has 10 capacity GbE by port, whereas switches of public network of each rack has capacity 1 GbE by port and 10GbE in the connections towards Core (2 10 xs GbE by switch).

Hipervisores (nodes)

The equipment servers of cloud conforms a disposition n+y that distributes so much the load of processing of the system as possible failures in the same. In case of failure or fall of one or several hyperviewfinders, all functions are assumed by the network of hyperviewfinders without loss of data. With a total capacity of more than 50 TV of memory and 6,800 nuclei of processing, we give service to the most demanding projects.

CPD and Platform

Datacenter equipped with physical the safety measure principles. Concerning infrastructure we have a set of peripheral fire-guards and segment along with systems of peripheral defense IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems) and IDS to prevention, halting and detection of intrusions and attacks with 40 capacities GbE, that do against more tens of thousand of attacks typified, including Two attacks and DDoS.