CPD in Spain
Cloud servers

Infrastructure virtual machines of high availability.

Public CLOUD

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Virtual machines (VM) SSD of high performance in surroundings of maximum availability of hardware,
storage and network. Our public Cloud is indicated mainly for surroundings critics.
Physical Infraestrutura of third generation, totally renewed in May of 2018

Resulted platform

SLA of hardware of 99.99%. Our platform is determine the proportions so that potential failures of hardware do not affect to the availability of the service.

Migration, 3 months FREE

If you come from another supplier, we give 3 months you on watch, free so that you can change without haste. Applicable with annual payment.
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Distributed storage

The storage (“disc space�) is distributed and resulted by triplicate (3x) in an internal network of interconnected storage 4x10GbE.


Peripheral protection IDS/IPS against million attacks and typified vulnerabilities. We work to protect your VPS without getting to harm his operation.

Own infrastructure

That it allows us to offer the maximum levels of security, including certification ISO 27,001, without resigning to a great flexibility.

About our platform.

DataCenter quality

In our infrastructure we only used Hardware of maximum quality and discs SSD NvMe of DataCenter category of the brands Intel and Samsung.

It forms your server Cloud

Each project has its own needs
This tool allows you to calculate the approximated price of an instance in ours cloud
In order to obtain a budget firmly, it compliments the form or calls and tells to us us what you need

Operating system

Additional services

Managed Backup

Migration of its platform

Cluster with load balance

Systems management

Orientative price


Orientative price


Purpose: EnviÌ?o and pursuit of the asked for budget

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