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CmarTone Europe SL (CmarTone) is a company it jeopardize with the sustainability and the enterprise and social development. wants to make patent its commitment through concrete supplies to social sectors needed support. It is this case we want to help the emprendizaje and to impel the creation of new Startups companies.

CmarTone knows that the moment of the one birth startup is complicated. The economic resources of the entrepreneurs always are limited, and the effort to remove ahead a project absorbs all energies.

CmarTone free supplies the lodging Web of those new companies in alpha phase during 1 year in an infrastructure of high performance adapted to the most demanding norms and the needs of his startup.

We do not want that you have obstacles in your enterprising way. Account with us.

Hosting or your own VPS FREE

We adapted to your project

Daily backup copies

Ecosystem consulting expert

Technical service 24/7


With hosting CmarTone we free offer your hosting to you, your VPS and even complex systems cross-platform, during a period of prudential time (maximum 1 year), while your STARTUP takes off.

Tell us to your idea or business and what you need. If you have a good project, we want to help you.

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